The Eclipse is here, are you ready for

Space Adventure
Join me on my big adventure up to Oregon to see the upcoming Eclipse- along with two of the most fun events on the west coast this year, the West Coast Throwdown and FPV Jamboree(with a chance to win one of two free passes below!) There is a ton of amazing stuff happening during this trip, and I hope you’ll come along for the FPV Paradise!

Will be traveling up on Thursday before the event with the Reiner, founder of Team VonDrone, and creator of the open source California Special X Class Frame. The crew is getting there early to help prepare for the event, King Koopa, and Werner of the X Class will be along for the show!

I’ll be helping host the Dronehart FPV Retreat at the Throwdown along with Amber Lee. Founder of the Amelia Dronehart group Rhianna Lakin will be there along with the most bad-ass female pilot in south america, Angela Jacques of FPV Racing Mexico! With two full days of workshops available just for the ladies, featuring Tiny Whoop Racing Saturday Night along with a FPV Field Trip on Sunday to an epic spot nearby for a private flight session away from the main event!

X Class will be holding Race 3 of its 2017 season at the West Coast FPV Throwdown – for the first time X Class is  heading out of California to host a race, this is gonna be big! With pilots like Wyll Surf Air, Humboldt710,  Little A,  DWreck, WootFPV  and more getting in on the action.  Shaping up to be one big event, and it’s all taking place at Whistlers Bend Park, 2828 Whistlers Park Road in Roseburg, Oregon!


The 2017 Eclipse is a big draw for this trip- this event won’t happen for another half-century. As a huge fan of space this is an event not to be missed! After the Throwdown the I’ll be taking in the eclipse up in Oregon, if you’re in the area and want to hangout with me for this historic event- this is your chance!

Big part of this whole trip is connecting with my friends and fans- I’ll be around during the week of the eclipse for all sorts of random adventures! If you want to hangout and go on an adventure for some fun then please send me a message on Facebook and let’s connect 😀

The 2017 FPV Jamboree will be taking place the weekend of the 26th/27th featuring an all new kind of FPV Race designed to destroy your machines with a gauntlet of Fire, Water, and Blunt Objects. $10,000 dollar us is up for grabs to the victors that tame this course.

Along with $5,000 dollars in prize money for Freestyle, making it the highest paying freestyle competition this year! Have been planning a few tricks for this years competition, with a stunt/trick that has never before been attempted…. Succeed or Fail it will be a spectacle!

For a chance at one of two free passed to the FPV Jamboree share this webpage and tag Zoe on Facebook in the post for a chance to win a free pass to the event and a chance to win up to $15,000 in cash. Winners will be announced the night of the eclipse!


Huge shout-out and thank you to all the sponsors  and people that have made this trip possible-  without the support of so many friends, fans, and sponsors this would not be possible, and I cannot express enough how grateful and thankful I am for it! 





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