December 21, 2016 at 06:34PM

Putting the finishing touches on the Thunderbolt from BeeRotor- a 6S capable monster. Big thanks to Tattu for sending me some new batteries to show you all why 6S is the future, not just for racing but for 3D too!
#Tattu #BeeRotor #Drones #FPV #FatShark #zoefpv #6S #EdgeOfSanity

December 16, 2016 at 01:20PM

Thanks Toby for the custom Lego FPV Mini Figure Set! Combining two of my favorite things and making it real- am absolutely enamored by it! 😀

#FPV #Lego #Drone #AirVuz #TeamBlackSheep #FatShark #Tattu #RunCam #GemFan #bullitdrones

December 15, 2016 at 10:17AM

@aerial_sports_league – “Aerial Sport League is proud to officially welcome Zoe Stumbaugh​ to the ASL team as the Director of Freestyle. Zoe is a world class pilot, a respected thought leader and an outspoken advocate for drone freestyle. With Zoe on point, the ASL team has some amazing things planned for the world of freestyle in 2017 and beyond. Welcome to the team and Rotors Up!” #aerialsports #aerialsportsleague #aslCertified #rotorsup #dsports #fpv #droneracing #HIRO180-X #HIRO #flow #flowstate #Drone #FPV #AirVuz

December 11, 2016 at 01:43PM

Say Hello to my Little Friend! 850mm Racing Quad setup to race next week! Big thanks to the machines major sponsors BeeRotor & RCTimer- they made this possible. Catch it flying and crashing on! #FPV #Drone #RCTimer #BeeRotor #AirVuz

December 10, 2016 at 10:51AM

First there was the quad copter, and that was kinda cool. Then we had the Mini Quad FPV takeover and change the face of a hobby and create a sport. Then we had the Tiny Whoop, one the most accessible FPV quad on the market. Soon may be the dawn of a new era of 1000mm class quads, I call mine a ‘Huge Whoop’

Holding it I can’t help but want to exclaim ‘Mwhahahahaha’ while rubbing my hands together like a mad scientist. Can’t wait to unveil it PROPER!
#DontCrash #BeCareful #SeriousToys #AirVuz #Tattu #BeeRotor #TeamBlackSheep #RunCam

December 09, 2016 at 10:04PM

Just the guts… Working on a rig is one of life’s great escapes- keeping the mind and hands busy. Peice by peice a new machine is born into the world.
On a more personal note…
Learned the other day that the surgical fix I had earlier this year is failing and I only have so much time before it fails completely, and that I need to take the plunge into the unknown of more surgery. Having a hard time putting it into words right now. This hobby and sport gives me a much needed respite from it all- and I’m thankful for that and am glad to have it apart of my life.
After trying and failing to tell people… I think this may be one of the easier ways to do it. I’m not quite sure what life has in store for me next couple months- but either way I’m gonna fly~


December 08, 2016 at 11:58AM

Is this what Santa feels like? Whew- 18 packages of props filled for some lucky people in the GemFan 3D Prop Giveaway! I had over a 100 responses- took a while to sort through while dealing with /life/ #ER
Will have quotes for international pilots today!
I know what I’m happy for this year, and that’s the new age of 3D FPV! Thank you all for helping make it happen- Happy Holidays Everyone!
#FPV #Drone #GemFan
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