Drones Take Over Fox40 – Promoting the 2015 US Fatshark Drone Nationals


Had a lot of fun over at Fox40 in Sacramento this past Wednesday to help promote the 2015 Fatshark US Drone National Races at the California State Fair. Scot Refsland started off the first segment explaining the basics of the US Nationals, how FPV worked, and what sorts of rigs people fly with. During the second segment the hosts were to race and we had two minutes to train the hosts on how to fly- which was an impossible task but challenge accepted. Paul had some experince flying and I was tasked with helping Mai & Bethany, who were both great sports and picked up as much as they could in a short time. The hosts started the race after a last minute change to do it Line of Sight, they all got disoriented on who was who and all heck broke loose. Was able to keep them up in the air during the segment while helping Mai get a good pass at Pandora’s Box. It was great fun, even when Paul flew one of the rigs into my hair while I was doing a demo- I didn’t even flinch and continued without a hitch:D 

US Drone National Championship & Multirotor Superstore Sponsorship!

vlcsnap-2015-05-19-09h25m29s120-1080x380Today I am proud to officially announce sponsorship by Multirotor Superstore! With them backing my flying I’ll be able to take things to new heights! In preparation for the US Drone National Championship I’ll be dedicating the next two months to perfecting my skills with a quad-copter. In the meantime I’ve edited together a small demo reel of old footage for my first sponsored video. It’s been fun to go back and see how I’ve advanced over the last several months:D


Winning the AMA Sanctioned FPV Race @ Drone X Data Conference in Santa Cruz


My win of the race was covered by Medium.com, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, SFist. Since winning  a lot has happened. I’ve talked with Kextrel, Parrot, FGI, & Multirotor Superstore. Among a long list of others that attended the Drone X Data Conference. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve enjoyed talking with everyone I’ve met!  I love FPV & Mulitorotors -so this last week has been truly an experince to not forget 😀

It’s only going to get better. I’ll be flying at the California State Fair this July, more details soon.  I’ll also be at the West Coast FPV Meetup in October at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. Also excited to soon announce my first sponsor – with more to come! Exciting times – I’ll be able to do more of what I love for those that appreciate it. Hope to have a proper demo-reel out soon.

Hexinair will be getting a couple of updates including an expanded Resource & FAQ section & Learning to Fly FPV Guide.  I’ll also be working on a new build log for a prototype frame that’s been given to me to test out – I’ll be posting it to the Hexinair blog. It’ll hopefully be out in time for some summer racing fun on 4s!

Gearing Up.


I fly a lot, almost every day. While out flying I meet a lot of awesome people that I’ve shared goggle time with and are interested in getting into the hobby; it can be a bit overwhelming!With this website I hope to promote the hobby that I’m passionate about locally and do it in a safe manner; all while showing off the amazing locations to fly at nearby in Santa Cruz.

Without airports, restrictive laws, and featuring plenty of beautiful open spaces it makes Santa Cruz and the surrounding area one of the best places to fly at in the world. If you’re interested in getting into the hobby check out the FAQ / Parts & Resources pages. I’ll be filling it out with a good run down of everything people need to know to get started.

Thank you for your time – please call me at (831) 316-4879 if you have any questions, would like a private demo, advice, build services, or if you have something interesting you want a fly-through film of! (As of right there is no charge for filming due to FAA regulations, just looking for something fun and awesome to film!)

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