July 12, 2017 at 12:39PM

Slowly the Shexy Beast rises from the build platform. V1 of the canopy is done, final version out of TPU. Designed to take a hit and protect the ESC’s and electronics stack. Can’t wait to see the final version from @uniquefpv

It’s looking like a proper monster with a frame made to fit two #Tattu 1300mah 6s R Lines. Time to solder it up and test fly!
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July 11, 2017 at 12:12PM

It’s been over two years since I flew hexacopters, and this Shexy beast is coming along nicely. Hoping to have a couple of these built out for testing by the weekend. @uniquefpv is finishing up the canopy design. Ahead of schedule thanks to Great 3D hammering out the carbon work on Friday and getting the batch of carbon to me within 3 business days.
My original setup used a 3300mah 3s and it hauled butt, then I moved to 2200mah 4s and it unlocked a new world for me and propelled me to win my first race and the first AMA sanctioned FPV race in America. Now I’ll use a #Tattu 2600mah 6s R-Line with a custom made hexacopter designed in Santa Cruz by myself and @uniquefpv to set a new speed record and hopefully win the Aerial Sports League speed challenge. I’m gonna go fast!
#Tattu #AirVuz #aerialsportsleague #SantaCruz #GoPro #BeeRotor #GemFan #BringingShexyBack

July 10, 2017 at 05:16PM

Bringing Shexy back! 4mm Hexacopter frame dry carbon weight of 126 grams. Could be lighter but DAMN is this thing solid. Still lighter than the carbon weight of my Xcaliber 3D setup, build may be near the same weight as my old quad setup.
Huge shout out to Great 3D for their quick work on getting this cut and into my hands within a few days. @uniquefpv is finishing up the canopy and building out the first one right now. I’ve got my own to build and may be doing a bit of a live stream tomorrow on it with @YoungNormMacdonald

Now back to finishing my Drone 360 review of the FatShark HD Transformers. #Drone360

#Drones #FPV #Tattu #AirVuz #ASL #aerialsportsleague #beerotor

July 07, 2017 at 08:16AM

Carbon is getting cut for the ‘Shexy’ frame! Huge shout out to Robert Wheeler of Great 3D for stepping up and helping get this done ASAP, going to have the frame sooner than originally planned! Turned a negative into a positive, huge thanks to the community for connecting us!
Same carbon as a few other major brands, including my friends at RaGG-e, really excited for this frame 😀 Should be flying next week?!!! Now off to Cabrillo College for a meeting with some of the department heads about my future teaching all things drones and fpv?!?! You may soon be able to take a course on flying FPV taught by me haha 😀

#AirVuz #Tattu #Great3D #Drones #FPV #ReturnOfTheHexacopter #CanOfGoFast!

July 03, 2017 at 07:36PM

Rifle vs 3D today down at the ranch, the rifle won this war haha. Some epic footage was had, and a lot of fun doing it! Nothing like going full speed straight at someone with a rifle to get the heart going! EPIC FOOTAGE from this weekend!
Enjoying my weekend away from it all, am seriously jonesing for internet access!
#AirVuz #Tattu #BeeRotor #GemFan #bullitdrones #Xcaliber #teamblacksheep #BackupQuad #NotKISS…AreYouCrazy???!!?! #Drones #FPV

June 28, 2017 at 02:52PM

Clash of the Titans today, with old school vs the new kid on the block. #Tattu R-Line 1550-4s vs 1300-5s, #KISS 1.1 vs 1.3, #Xcaliber vs #FlyingBear Frame. It’s a 3D showdown a year in the making! I was literally laughing manically while flying- whole new era of flying just opened up!

If you’re haven’t yet, check out my 5s maiden with the Xcaliber on @airvuz
#Flyduino #Electronics #BeeRotor #2010-2400kv #GemFan #3DMasterProp #TeamBlackSheep #RFNooblet

June 27, 2017 at 09:26AM

The #KISS of Death. This ESC finally gave up the ghost after 8 months of abuse, rest old friend.
Swapping out the ESC’s for the latest and greatest from @flyduino, have been ‘afraid’ to update the ESC’s after helping so many people with 3D mode that have had issues. Current firmware is stable with 3D though I hear DSHOT is still not working with it for some reason…. I want me some crispy digital signals!!! Oh, and 5s 3D is amazing. After a day if packs I’m hooked. Pretty sure this ESC suffered a hard crash and failed for other reasons, have multiple KISS 24amp rigs running 5s now with the 2010’s and 3D Master Prop from GemFan.
#AirVuz #Tattu #Flyduino #Drones #FPV #ESC

June 21, 2017 at 10:44PM

Update for my friends and fans! Ended up riding an Amber Lamps to the Emergency Room 3 times in the last week! New personal best! :/ I may end up getting moved over to Stanford.

I am ‘Okay’. Just some nerve damage / pain causing my rejiggered guts to vomit, causing more spazams and pain that intensifies untill I’m in a ball unable move. l try to live my life in a way that minimizes the risk of a ‘flare up’… not sure what else to call it.
I’m going to be taking the next week or so off for bed rest and proper R&R, kill some fresh batteries… while I get more tests schedule out. I’ll still be doing stuff, just not as much as normal. My body is screaming at me for rest.

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