Origin Story

Zoe, the pilot, drone fanatic, and VR Enthusiast . A Computer Science Major at Cabrillo until 2014 – when she was stuck in bed due to difficult medical complications.  After months of being stuck inside a friend prodded her to find a new hobby. With a trip to the local hobby shop for a tiny Proto X drone. It was love at first flight.

Since then she’s built her own drones, competes in racing, and flying freestyle- With technical information obtained from from places like Flite Test, RCModelReviews, OscarLiang.net, RCGroups, FPVLab, and Youtube. Starting out making little micro’s that fit in the palm of your hand and graduating to building larger and more complex machines. This hobby has turned her into a backyard mad-scientist while fulfilling adrenaline junkie fantasies!

With a love for the thrill of Drone Racing it has quickly become one of her favorite past times- having won the first ever sanctioned First Person View race in America, going on to compete Nationally and Internationally. With the awesome support of AirVuz and their amazing team of pilots she’s able to travel and compete at a high level.

Zoe’s a contributing writer for Drone360 Magazine covering all things Drone Racing with a passion for sharing the sport with the world. Anyone can get into flying FPV and racing drones with a bit of time, patience, and practice. Just start small and have fun!

Since getting into the world of Drone Racing Zoe has helped test and develop new hardware. Bringing the world the Twitch 109 along with Zach @ UniqueFPV – and has been a dedicated tester for Bullit Drones. Having helped GemFan to develop new 3D propellers; and working with BeeRotor on new motors and product to bring the world the ‘next level’ of 3D Fixed Pitch flying. Affectionately known as the ‘God-Mother of 3D’ FPV and the ‘Queen of 3D’  Zoe has become known as an innovator and one of the best female drone pilots in the world.

With a growing passion for freestyle and pushing the limits of flying – her love for the industry continues to grow. She /lives/ it all day, every day, and goes to bed dreaming about the wonders of flight. Constantly driven to improve. Having flown Freestyle @ DR1 Racing Event– and finishing in 6th in the US with only being given half a Freestlye run at Drone Nationals 2016;  along with having attended several other major competitions- Freestyle is where her hearts at- racing is where she gets her kicks 😉

As a Dark-horse candidate Zoe entered the Aloha Cup– qualifying for Drone Worlds by taking 3rd Place. Immediately going on to Drone Worlds, qualifying for the championships- and then going on to take 2nd place /in the world/ for Freestyle flying with her mind bending custom designed 3D multirotor. As an historic personal achievement it was also the first Freestyle competition where two 3D FPV pilots went head-to-head on an international level.

Winning the first X-Class event in December 2016, and getting best in show at the Inaugural Tattu X-Class Race. Proceeding to join the historic and industry leading Team Von Drone, and joining on to form X-Class Drone Racing going forward in 2017.

With giant 1000mm Frames, and 15inch props with tip speeds nearing mach 1. These machines are extremely exciting to fly for pilots, and fun to watch for spectators.  Giant Drone racing is an exciting prospect, and While many have talked about it. Zoe along with Team Von Drone & Tattu are helping to make it a reality.