April 15, 2018 at 09:35AM

I’mma rip a hole through space-time with these bad 5-6s mamajammas. Haven’t had this sort of fresh setup since 2016… Having spent 2017 running the setup I had ‘Perfected’… But looking for an edge and to push it further I started testing the FB-01 from California Quads by @flyingbear.fpv
I fell in love with the way it flew out of the box. Since then I’ve tested a few other setups and keep coming back to this one. My ‘old’ Xcaliber setups started collecting dust as I flew, crashed, and repaired my one favorite 3D setup. While not as durable with my giant motors as the Xcaliber it is much more agile and has a better CG for 3D. In Ken’s quest to make the best racing drone he also made one badass 3D setup. Kudos Ken.
A year ago I had 3 primary Excalibers, now I have one as a reminder and basher… And 3 FB-01’s. Fun to take a moment and realize how it’s changed, and how far removed I am from my original 3D setups from years ago now… And how giddy I am to fly these new setups, just as I was years ago to fly the Xcaliber.
Thanks @flyduino for the #electronic hardware- and Trey @ Drones Magazine for hooking it uo with some @foxeer.tech Predeator Mini #Camera to test. Shout out to RaceKraft for them props. And #ImmersionRC and #TeamBlackSheep for the VTX’s and allowing my #kwads to be a demilitarized zone ;P Much love to all!

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