April 13, 2018 at 09:08AM

I just love the smell of fresh drone parts in the morning. Prepped and ready for Saturday Mornings Live Stream.
For Zoe’s Favorite Kwad Recipe- you’ll need a Flying Bear 01 frame(on sale at YawPitchRoll for $30 bucks!) 4 Parts 2010-2400kv Motors, 4 Parts KISS v2 ESC, One Part KISS v2 FC, One Part Immersion Tramp VTX, One part Foxeer Mini Predeator, and one part RSXR Receiver. To finish it off you’ll need one PDB of your choice. This is a really tight build- am looks ng forward to being able to show you how I assemble it.
Thanks again Drones Magazine for sending out the camera for review! Shout out to ImmersionRC for the VTX, and Flyduino for the electronics. Without their support this build wouldn’t be happening.
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