April 04, 2018 at 06:56PM

Whoop Squad One after a weekend of flying with @lunchboxfpv ! So much fun was had this weekend, bringing FPV to the general public in #RandomActsofWhoop which went well! Demistifying these little drones to to the larger public while having fun and spreding the love of the hobby.
The only way to counter fear is with exposure. One day I hope we’ll be able to live/work side by side with these machines, and that the general public will become more accepting of them. There is still a lot of irrational fear/misinformation, and the only way to counter that is with education 🙂 Join the Tiny Revolution?! #WhoopTheWorld and Lets change the future for the better!
#Drone #FPV #TinyWhoop #UFDA #AirVuz #MakeLove #NotWar #HatersGonnaHate #ThankYou #Future

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