February 09, 2018 at 08:42PM

Kits for tomorrow’s Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat classes are in! This is one of the highest quality kits I’ve found for under $100 that has Google’s, transmitter, fpv drone, and battery + charger. I believe that FPV under $100 is a crucial threshold for people being able to /try/ fpv. When I started a kit like this didn’t exist and if it did it’d cost $400 like the original NanoQX kit with screen.
Packaging is top notch, family sure it’s a rebranded Eachine 013 kit. I bought one for myself to try out… Will be doing a test of the new Livestreaming setup with an unboxing of one of these, and a flight video to follow. If you want to watch it will be on twitch.tv/Dronelicious and join my discord.gg/nRn9gU3

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