December 09, 2017 at 10:07PM

There has been a lot of ‘Doom and Gloom’ going around the drone racing industry right now. Several of my favorite ‘Pro’ pilots retiring and selling off gear, several others talking about the industries troubles. Talk is cheap- data speaks volumes.

For those that have been around it for a few years we remember the drone uprising of Christmas 2015- since then the market has been stabilizing, entering a slow decline peeking on the holidays. Manufacturers have popped up in droves to create new products to meet the initial market demand that has never grown past the first boom: back when people were excited by the possibilities- not let down by the realities.

Personally I don’t know of a single industry has been able to stabilize after the first three years. Video Gaming had the crash of the early 80’s, 10 years after Pong… Almost 10 years ago FatShark was founded. 30 years after the crash videos games are making more money than blockbuster movies.

FPV is a magical experience, one that many still haven’t tried. Its been cost prohibitive. In late 2015 a micro fpv kit cost $400+, now it’s down to less than $70 for Goggles, Transmitter, Battery, Charger, and drone! It’s less than the price of a AAA video game and is now stocking stuffer territory.

We need to stop looking at the last three years and start focusing on the next 30 going forward. Remember this is still largely a small community- and we must all do better going forward to help grow it, because right now it looks like it’s on the decline. Let’s build it up better and bigger than before.
With love
– Zoe

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