December 04, 2017 at 11:38AM

Have learned a lot in the last few years, and have had a lot on my mind the last few months. Still finding the words for some of it. The industry has zapped a lot of my passion. Part of that is my problem though, I gave it more than I was willing/had to give and people were happy to take advantage of that.
Today I start a new journey to get back to what I love most: flying and creating content that i’m proud of- plus working on new hardware to push those endeavors further. I’ll also be following my heart and doing what I personally can do to try and make the hobby & industry a better place… Might sound stupid: I want to live in a better world- and maybe I can help be apart of that.
These little flying robots have introduced me to so much, film-making, traveling to compete, friends all over the world, inspiring others to get into the hobby- and I’ve been lucky to be apart of the birth of a new sport. It taught me to push beyond my comfort zone when I needed it most all while introducing me to the world that only birds have had the pleasure of being apart of. FPV really is a wonderful thing, the world is only just beginning to wake up to it, and my real journey is only just starting.
Gregory French, Blackout, Rianrex, Quadmover, IBCrazy, (Chad, David, Alex and the Josh’s @ FliteTest) Bruce @ RCModelReviews, Charpu, and Trappy. Thank you all for inspiring.

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