July 21, 2017 at 02:55PM

The Aerial Sports League Speed Challenge is over. Am extremely relieved that it is, finally caught up on some proper sleep of 13-14 hours. Now to catch up on other projects… The Shexy Beast I flew had a small issue causing it to pull right(other two machines I have don’t do it), making it hard to hit full throttle, didn’t realize this till after the race was over. Also due to time, practice heats were used as qualifying times, and a whole round of qualifying was cut. Total air time with practice was about 60-90 seconds, not nearly enough for me to tame the monster I had created.
Still managed to make it into the top 8 though, and am proud and excited of the build. Had a lot of fun, and proud and honored to fly with such amazing pilots! This is only the beginning for this machine and I can’t wait for the next event 😀

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