July 07, 2017 at 08:16AM

Carbon is getting cut for the ‘Shexy’ frame! Huge shout out to Robert Wheeler of Great 3D for stepping up and helping get this done ASAP, going to have the frame sooner than originally planned! Turned a negative into a positive, huge thanks to the community for connecting us!
Same carbon as a few other major brands, including my friends at RaGG-e, really excited for this frame 😀 Should be flying next week?!!! Now off to Cabrillo College for a meeting with some of the department heads about my future teaching all things drones and fpv?!?! You may soon be able to take a course on flying FPV taught by me haha 😀

#AirVuz #Tattu #Great3D #Drones #FPV #ReturnOfTheHexacopter #CanOfGoFast!

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