April 18, 2018 at 02:23PM

Step into an alternate demension… In my quest to find a flight controller that supported 3D brushed builds I found the NanoQX 3D. On sale right now for $30, half off! @horizon_hobby

The original NanoQX was the first drone that really taught me how to fly beyond the ‘toy’ I had been flying.
As the Inductrix served as the platform for the Tiny Whoop, the NanoQX 3D might be the start of something new? #SpaceWhoop
#Drone #3D #FPV #Nano #Safe #AirVuz #Fun #Newbie #START #HERE

April 17, 2018 at 01:41PM

It LIVES!!! The AlienF1 aka the Face Hugger canopy prototype is finally printed out and test fitted on a rig- like a glove… Or a face hugger on a face… Whatever. Designed to fit the Special, Vixen, and Soul frames. Aerodynamically shaped, the “fin” acts as a stablizer wing that helps the machine in turns… And provides a nice big uniterupted ad space for potential advertisers. (Holla at ya girl!) My first stab at a canopy design. Now that I have a working template it will be easy to produce variations. The file will be up shortly on thingverse, making a small change to the file for a better fit.

Looking for an airbrush artists to paint a couple canopies if interested! if not I’ll take a stab at it with the airbrush setup I was gifted… Would love to see what a proper artist can do with this!

Thanks @ole_gravy_leg_fpv for printing it out this monumental print!
#giant #drone #fpv #xclass #airvuz #teamdysonian #UFDA #SendIt #bigfuckingdrone #DroneRacing #Future #Electronics #DIY #facehugger

April 16, 2018 at 10:35AM

National Model Aviation Museum is celebrating Day of The Mushroom with a photo of my original mushroom antenna on my old Boscam GS920 Goggles and 9XR from #HobbyKing

The first set of FPV gear I ever had, and the first the AMA included into their collection. Thanks for taking care of it, hope it inspires more people to fly FPV!

Flying drones has been my escape from the world around me, it’s the one thing that for a few moments at a time I’m disconnected from reality and truely free. #KeepFlying #Love #Drone #Flying #Freedom #VR #Museum #FPV

April 15, 2018 at 09:35AM

I’mma rip a hole through space-time with these bad 5-6s mamajammas. Haven’t had this sort of fresh setup since 2016… Having spent 2017 running the setup I had ‘Perfected’… But looking for an edge and to push it further I started testing the FB-01 from California Quads by @flyingbear.fpv
I fell in love with the way it flew out of the box. Since then I’ve tested a few other setups and keep coming back to this one. My ‘old’ Xcaliber setups started collecting dust as I flew, crashed, and repaired my one favorite 3D setup. While not as durable with my giant motors as the Xcaliber it is much more agile and has a better CG for 3D. In Ken’s quest to make the best racing drone he also made one badass 3D setup. Kudos Ken.
A year ago I had 3 primary Excalibers, now I have one as a reminder and basher… And 3 FB-01’s. Fun to take a moment and realize how it’s changed, and how far removed I am from my original 3D setups from years ago now… And how giddy I am to fly these new setups, just as I was years ago to fly the Xcaliber.
Thanks @flyduino for the #electronic hardware- and Trey @ Drones Magazine for hooking it uo with some @foxeer.tech Predeator Mini #Camera to test. Shout out to RaceKraft for them props. And #ImmersionRC and #TeamBlackSheep for the VTX’s and allowing my #kwads to be a demilitarized zone ;P Much love to all!

April 13, 2018 at 09:08AM

I just love the smell of fresh drone parts in the morning. Prepped and ready for Saturday Mornings Live Stream.
For Zoe’s Favorite Kwad Recipe- you’ll need a Flying Bear 01 frame(on sale at YawPitchRoll for $30 bucks!) 4 Parts 2010-2400kv Motors, 4 Parts KISS v2 ESC, One Part KISS v2 FC, One Part Immersion Tramp VTX, One part Foxeer Mini Predeator, and one part RSXR Receiver. To finish it off you’ll need one PDB of your choice. This is a really tight build- am looks ng forward to being able to show you how I assemble it.
Thanks again Drones Magazine for sending out the camera for review! Shout out to ImmersionRC for the VTX, and Flyduino for the electronics. Without their support this build wouldn’t be happening.
#drone #vr #howto #fpv #FirstPersonView #Foxeer #Flyduino #ImmersionRC #CaliforniaQuads #TheBench #Electronics #diy

April 06, 2018 at 11:27AM

Testing out the new #Foxeer Predeator Mini- the lens is the size of the camera! The look and finish of this camera is top notch, along with the best packaging I’ve seen for a fpv camera. Can’t wait to test it proper!

#VR #Drone #FPV #Camera #DronesMagazine #Review

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